improve focus photography course
Improve your Focus: Practical Tips for Sharper Shots
Improve your Focus: Practical Tips for Sharper Shots

Improve your Focus: Practical Tips for Sharper Shots

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We often focus our efforts exclusively on understanding how the exposure triangle works to get the correct exposure for an image, but don't spend enough time on ensuring our shots will turn out sharp.

It can be easy to get a well exposed shot that we think looks great on the back of the camera, and then be disappointed at how blurry it is when viewing it at full size on the computer. If anything, focus is MORE important than exposure, as editing tools can often fix a shot that is not well exposed, but you can't do anything to fix a blurry shot!

Join me for this two hour course as we explore all things focus related to help you create tack-sharp images.


This Improve Your Focus course will help you understand why you might be struggling to achieve focus and give you practical tips to ensure tack-sharp shots every time. 

What you'll learn

This online course will help you achieve sharp focus by looking at all the camera settings that impact on focus - including your choice of focus modes and focus zones.

We'll also go over depth of field and explore the concept of hyperfocal distance and how understanding this can go a long way to achieving enough focus from foreground to background in your images. 

Lens choice can influence the sharpness of your results so we'll go over how to choose the right lens to ensure a quality result.  

Using the right techniques to shoot your images (both handheld and on a tripod) will further assist your chance of success in achieving sharp images, and we'll discuss when to use image stabilisation and also when not to. 

For those wanting to take a more advanced approach to focus, we'll explore the technique of focus stacking and how this can overcome the limitations of any aperture to guarantee the entire scene is sharp. 

After this course, you will feel more confident that you can achieve sharp focus no matter the composition or settings you're using. This will enable you to create beautiful images that you can guarantee will look great even when you're pixel peeping. 

Course Content

1 x 2 hour video module

Course Delivery

Attendees will receive an email with links to the course video.