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Learn the Art of Multi-Image Panoramic Photography

Learn the Art of Multi-Image Panoramic Photography

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Do you want to capture epic landscape scenes but you can't quite fit it all in even with your widest lens? 

Maybe you want to shoot with a telephoto zoom to bring distant mountain scenes closer but still capture the full grandeur of the setting rather than just a small part of it.

You might also be a budding astrophotographer wanting to capture the arch of the Milky Way right across the sky. If you find yourself out shooting wishing you knew how to do any of these things, then this course is for you!

AND... if you want to be able to print large scale images (over 1 metre wide) with excellent resolution, shooting a multi-image panorama is the best way to do this!


My Art of Multi-Image Panoramas course will help you understand the reasons why you might want to shoot a panorama, and the best equipment to do it. I'll help you with easy tips for success shooting panoramas, and go over the ways to edit a panorama for the best results.  Shooting panoramas is a great skill to add to your photography toolset! 

What you'll learn

This online course will help you to understand the 3 main reasons for shooting panoramas and when you should use this technique while out in the field. We'll also look at print resolution and how viewing distance and print medium impacts on the size you can print your images at.

We'll also go over the equipment you should consider using to ensure you can create high-quality panoramas, in particular how a really smart tripod setup can make a huge difference to your results.

Filters are an essential part of landscape photography, and you can and should use them when shooting panoramas, but there are some limitations that you need to consider which we'll go over too.

Using the right techniques to shoot your panorama will help ensure you can successfully stitch your panoramas during the editing process, and as Milky Way Panoramas are quite different to shooting daytime landscape scenes, it's important to learn the nuances of how to set yourself up to capture these correctly.

When it comes to editing, you'll learn how to both stitch ad edit a panorama in Lightroom and Photoshop and learn why you'd choose to use each, and we'll go over other software you can use for trickier edits like Milky Way Panoramas.

After this course, you will feel confident to get out in the field and create beautiful scenes with more detail and resolution than ever before!

Course Content

1 x 2 hour video module

Course Delivery

Attendees will receive an email with links to the course video.